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I was checking my bank account online the other day and saw a curious notation.  It seems that Amazon had issued a credit in the amount of $8.37.  I puzzled over this for a moment, thinking back over recent transactions, trying to remember if I’d returned anything to Amazon recently.

Then it hit me.  This was a payment for sales of my books!  Holy shit!  Both books had been on Amazon for more than a year and I was finally seeing some money from them.  There may have been other payments before, but, if there were, they were small enough to escape my notice.  This was the first confirmed payment for my writing since high school!

A little voice inside my head said, “Well, it ain’t much, is it?”  No, it’s not.  It’s not much at all, but it is something.

And it showed up at an interesting time.  Over the last few days, I’ve been putting preliminary thought into laying out a plan for 2014, trying to figure out what I want to accomplish.  I know there are a few photographic goals I want to reach, but that $8.37 payment pushed the writing button hard.  Money has been made which means more can be made.  While I love my photography, my writing has actually brought in cash.  Suddenly, the writing goals have been pushed to the front.

I’ve got two Mitchell books almost done (I hate endings.) and two old Mitchell shorts that are begging to be anthologized.  I’ve also got the first book of my fantasy series done and awaiting editing (I also hate re-reading my stuff after I’ve written it).  All of these can be completed and published by the end of the year.

To top that all off, a friend of mine knows a guy who’s got an in with a producer who’s looking for fantasy material to base a movie on.  All I need to do is get off my ass and send him a sample.  The odds are long, but it’s not going to cost me anything to try.


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