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I’ve been slack lately, and I can’t blame it on my illness.  In fact, I feel pretty good these days, almost back to my old self.  Yeah, I still get tired more quickly than I’d like, mostly due to my screwed up sleep, but it’s still no excuse for the lack of action around here.


I get home from work, eat something, then spend the next couple hours playing The Sims or watching something on Hulu or Netflix before rushing to get myself hooked up to the machine in time.  Yeah, it’s good to relax, but I think I’m taking it to an entirely inappropriate level.


On weekends, I don’t even have the work excuse, yet I do the bare minimum.  This place needs swept and mopped, empty boxes need to be flattened and disposed of, the bathroom needs to be cleaned, and the kitty litter box needs to be emptied.  Instead of doing any of these things, I watch TV, play games, and nap.  I do laundry because I have to.


And there are other things I need to do.  I want to start a Patreon page so I can get some money from my photography, I need to e-mail a prospective job prospect, I need to clean off one of my desks in preparation for another job prospect, I need to get some props built for my next photoshoot, yet I’m doing none of those things.


This really has to stop now.  I took the last two days off from work in order to burn vacation time and I’ve accomplished next to nothing.  In fact, I was supposed to write this piece last night, but ended up watching an old episode of Sherlock instead.


Today’s plans are dependent on another person.  If my friend is coming over for dinner, then there is one set of objectives.  If not, then there’s another.  Until I find out, of course, there are still things I can do.  It’s just a matter of nailing myself down to doing them.  No matter how the dinner situation falls out, though, things will get down around here.


It’s time for me to get off my ass and do things.



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